Self drilling anchor was developed rapidly due to its superior performance

The technique of self drilling anchor system, which is introduced from foreign countries, is a new kind of rock-soil anchoring technique to apply for the projects in complicated geological conditions and construction environment especially in the weak soil and sandy cobble stratum.

Self drilling anchor was developed rapidly due to its superior performance, and it is widely used in many areas of civil engineering.As one of the main supporting forms of rock slope and underground engineering,the Self drilling anchor bolt plays an important role for the stability of civil engineering maintenance , especially in the joints and fissures in rock mass. The main anchoring method in a natural formation is in the form of borehole grouting,namely, hollow injection anchor. Anchorage method in the artificial filled soil anchor plate and reinforced in two ways. When engineering decided to adopt what kind of anchor bolt, we
need to cope with the force of the buildings and the anchoring formation properties,groundwater and other geological conditions and the overall stability of a full investigation.

A majority of self drilling anchor system of Sinorock had positive effects on
constructions includes mine,tunnel,foundation support project and anchoring performance over four years since established, echoing results from last year in a sample that is nearly three times as large.


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